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Tattoo Design and Artist

Tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink onto the layer of your skin to change the pigment. Tattoos used to be done manually, wherein most of the tattoo artists know how deep to drive the needle into your skin. Most tattoo lovers and fanatics of body art are always looking for the best tattoo patterns that best fits their personality. Knowing the facts will help you to decide which tattoo pattern is good for you. Having a tattoo serves as a reflection of your life.

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Tattoo Patterns And Designs

How to choose your own design?

From butterflies to flowers to angels and monsters, tattoo patterns and designs are as diverse as the people who chose them.

Permanent tattoos will be there forever. Tattoos and designs actually have their meanings. You may end up looking freak if you just pick up a design without giving so much thought to what it means to you. Although, modern techniques can erase your ink, unfortunately, it is not easy to remove it totally. So, don’t just choose a symbol or image without the knowledge of what it represents.

Choosing a design is actually a matter of personal preference. But if you don’t have any idea on how to pick the one that’s best for you, the following factors may help you in making the right decision.

How you want people to view you

Getting tattooed is more than just placing a pretty picture on your skin. People view you based on that picture.  Whatever symbol of image design you chose is the impression people have on you. Pictures of demons, warriors, skulls, skeletons and grim reapers can become artistically perfect, but if there’s an image that you want to project, your tattoo designs should reflect that. Your body markings should reflect your personal beliefs and individuality.

Your professional life

Tattooing is increasing in popularity. In fact, it is fast rising into the mainstream. Tattoos are becoming acceptable in many fields. Professionals, students, housewives, executives have become more open to this body art. However, it doesn’t mean that tattoos are acceptable in all places. There are still places where visible tattoos aren’t so acceptable. So, before having a tattoo placed in a visible area will need you to consider how it affects your professional life.

The pain

Tattooing involves some pain. Some describe the sensation as like bee stings, being pinched or sunburn. There were a few who said they felt some needles move.

Pick what you like most

Tattoo patterns and designs galleries usually offer tons of flash designs and stencils that make it easier for your artist to transfer your dream art to your skin.  Whether you choose a design that depicts a special event in your life or one that adds beauty to your body, you can find the best design that you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life. To make your tattoo a perfect art, discuss the artistic points to your chosen artist.

Top Tattoo Design Categories

Most tattoo design choice is often associated with the wearer’s personal life. Some use this body art to express their mindsets. Others choose to get inked based on the meaningful things in their life. There are also folks who get a tattoo to keep their lives’ special moment throughout their lifetime.

When it comes to finding an image that you will wear for the rest of your life, you would certainly spend some time seeking out for the one that means so much.  But how do you begin the search? The best way to begin is to narrow down and search by subject category. So here’s a list of the top categories of tattoo design ideas. Which category does your inspiration image fall?



The sun, moon, stars, planets and comets may be common sight and age-old choices, but just as they adorn the world in a variety of fashions they can also adorn the body of a person in different variations. Different design variations of sun, moon and stars can be grouped together to form brilliant combinations of tattoo art. Different variations of stars exist and most common are shooting stars, nautical stars, Jewish stars and yes, even star fish.

Sun tattoos also come in different styles. The color, the size and style, all can represent different symbolisms. Variations include angry suns and flaming suns. You can make the sun always rising either on your shoulder, arm, chest legs or back areas.

The moon has played a significant role in Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythologies. Moon tattoos have deeply-rooted mythical symbolisms. You can use these celestial bodies as a powerful image to represent force or femininity.



Dragons, unicorns and mermaids fall under this category. Dragons are among the traditional choice for a tattoo design. These mythological creatures exist in many cultures and folklores. The world of fantasy is predominantly portrayed by these creatures. These ferocious-looking ancient beasts are often portrayed as powerful and intelligent creatures.  Today, dragon tattoos are depicted by artists in a wild variety of forms

Mermaids are mythological aquatic creatures. Stories of mermaids exist in nearly all folklores. Mermaid tattoos are known to symbolize water activities. They can also represent love and beauty.

A unicorn is another mythical creature commonly depicted as a horse with only one horn. Unicorn tattoos can symbolize mystery, beauty, nobility and strength.



It’s a primitive art, yet tribal tattoos are timeless. The primary reason behind its lingering magic is its symbolic meanings. Today, tribal artists depicted tribal tattoo art in a wide array of modern twists. Most tribal art are created with black ink to emphasize complex tattoo patterns and designs. Dragons, crosses, scorpions, Celtic knots, tribal armbands and flowers are some of the popular tribal tattoos today. Tribal art largely draws inspiration from the Native American Indian, Polynesian and Maori tribes.


Flora and Fauna

Flowers, plants, leaves, vines and other green things basically belong to this category. This is perhaps among the categories with the most variety of designs and patterns. If you’re seeking out for the best inspiration to create the art that perfectly expresses your individuality, the choice is endless as flower tattoos come in different varieties, colors shapes and sizes.

Top Tattoo Designs For Men And Their Meanings

tattoo designs for menTattoos are a cool form of art. A lot of guys use it to express different personalities and mindsets. It’s a world that offers abundant choices. Tattoo designs are as varied as the people who get it. You may end up with a costly mistake if you don’t give considerable thought to the design that you want.

To help you decide on the best one that expresses your true self, the timeless tattoo patterns and designs for men may help you find the best. These designs can be your excellent inspiration to create something unique.


This mythical beast is generally described as a huge, winged reptile with crested, large claws and teeth and known for breathing fire. Known for its fierceness, dragons often play a role in great stories of bravery, courage, heroism and compassion. Dragons are also depicted in a variety of characteristics as being the villain, spouting fire and working havoc upon a place. In some tales, this fierce, burning beast also characterizes valor and guardianship. A dragon tattoo can be a strong symbol of power and bravery. It also represents a fearless and protective character. Dragon tattoos absolutely look great on a well-shaped bicep, around the chest, waist, and even on your leg.


Snake tattoos have a great number of symbolisms in many cultures.  These reptiles are often associated with danger and evil, but they can also have positive symbolic meanings based on personal traits. Serpents are also intelligent animals when it comes to hunting preys. They are diversely portrayed in myths, legends and ancient stories. In Greek mythology, snakes symbolize health and healing. They are also used as protective symbols. A snake tattoo is considered classic, but its popularity runs until the modern age because of its diverse symbolisms.

Tribal Tattoos

During the time of the tribes, tribal tattoos are used for identity, social status and achievements. Some tribes used body markings to associate their spiritual belief. Other tribes used tattoos as a technique to cover and protect themselves.

Today’s tribal tattoo designs are often combined with modern images and symbols. Their meanings are no longer associated with their particular tribe’s ways and beliefs.  Modern tribal art have varied meanings. It has become more like fashion with art. Today’s tribal tattoos may still carry some kind of mythical sense, but someone with this type of body marking is no longer identified with a certain tribe.

Top Tattoo Designs For Women And Their Meanings

Tattoo Designs For WomenSince tattooing in women became socially acceptable, attractive feminine tattoo patterns and designs also became their common thing.

Although they are generally more like accent pieces for modern women, most of them still get inked for some reasons and meanings. Apart from being conscious about how it looks on their body, today’s women are getting more conscious about what their inks symbolize.

Artistic tattoos often enhance a woman’s outward looks while showing a teaser of her inner beauty. That is why most tattoo designs for women are reflective of their smaller and delicate built.  If you’re a woman looking for some ideas that can be a good inspiration for your own original design which shows your own statement, these top tattoo design ideas may help you create a custom ink with a special meaning.



Flowers have a natural and delicate beauty. It is not surprising why floral tattoos are always considered a girl thing. Cherry blossom, roses, lotus flowers, lilies and hibiscus are some of the most favored design ideas for women. Each flower tattoo is more than just a pretty image behind it is an age-old symbolic meaning. But sometimes, different cultures may have different symbolisms for flowers. Floral tattoos usually vary in style, size, color and overall look.



Butterflies are considered the most popular symbol of beauty and love. No wonder it is known as the most common of all tattoo designs. Butterfly tattoos are an ideal design for a girl’s first-time tattoo. They’re sometimes combined with tribal ornaments, flowers and hearts. But even without the combination of other ornaments, the butterfly is enough to show beauty and magnificence. The most popular locations for a butterfly ink are upper arm, abdomen, hip area, shoulder and lower back.



Although tribal tattoos are considered by many as a common tat, such designs have stayed popular not only among males but also among females because of certain reasons. Ancient tribal tattoos were originally associated with social status, achievements and identity. However, as they are often combined with modern images, today’s tribal art are no longer known for their mythical meanings. The lower back is the most popular spot for feminine tribal tattoos.



With or without the presence of other ornaments, stars stand out as an attractive girl tattoo in any location of the body. As a universal symbol, stars have the oldest and strongest symbolic meaning. As a celestial object, stars can be a brilliant symbol of hope, light and happiness. The neck, behind the ear and wrists are among the best places for star tattoos.



Hearts have the most obvious symbolism. Such design is perhaps the most popular ever since girl tattoos have become commonplace. Hearts are inked in a variety of ways and on different places. Hearts are drawn whole or broken to symbolize happy or sad love.

Not Sure How Your Tattoo Design Looks Like? Start Off With A Fake Piece

Tattoo DesignA fake piece is a great choice for those who want to see what their chosen tattoo design would look like on them.

This is particularly true for individuals who are not yet sure of their decision to get their skin decorated with permanent ink and those who are afraid of going under the needles. The method of temporary tattooing has actually been around for thousands of years.  If you’re new to this form of art and still have many questions about it, a fake piece can be your best alternative before making the final decision of a permanent tattoo.


Henna tattoo

Henna has been a traditional method of tattooing. It is a paste originally applied to the skin using a freehand design. This paste-like dye comes from the leaves of a plant and other ingredients such as eucalyptos oil, lemon juice and coffee or tea for binding and color purposes.

Henna tattooing has long been practiced in India. Women preparing for ceremonies were painted with henna designs on their hands and feet. Traditional henna tattoos are painted in abstract and complicated designs such as dotted lines, flowers, swirls and other forms.

Unlike permanent tattoos where ink is injected to the second layer of the skin, henna tattoo is only applied directly to the skin and does not penetrate to the interior layer. It only stains the skin. Once the paste is applied, it is left overnight to peel on its own overnight.

Professional tattoo artists still follow this process today. Henna is a dye and tattoos made from this paste can last up to two to four weeks if they are made by professional artists. This type of skin art can be created without a stencil, but the tattoo pattern should be done by a tattooist with artistic talent.



Airbrush tattoos

Airbrush tattoos are another type of temporary tattoos with an application process similar to how airbrushed T-shirts are made. It is applied by wiping the skin with alcohol to clean the surface and the painting is applied using a stencil. The application of airbrushed tattoos usually takes up to 30 minutes. Excess sprays are removed and sprinkled with powder to help it dry. These type of fake tattoos can last until 14 days.

Aftercare includes protecting the surface with soap and water. To prolong it, you can cover a light coat of petroleum jelly before bathing. Airbrush tattoos are also available in a variety of colors and designs.